Tension in Pristina: Haradinaj calls, Veseli refuses, while key person remains silent

Kosovo's outgoing Prime Minister had resigned on July 19, 2019, after he was summoned by Special Prosecution from the Hague, as a suspect for the crimes committed by KLA on Kosovo, in the period from 1999 to 2000.
On Monday press conference, Haradinaj denied that this was "politically calculated move", as accused by his coalition partner, Chairman of Kosovo Assembly, Kadri Veseli, but that he did it in order, as he put it, "to save the country".
He had invited the leaders of the political parties of the ruling PAN Coalition to consultations. He added that he invited presidents of Democratic Party of Kosovo (DPK) and of the Initiative for Kosovo (NISME), Kadri Veseli and Fatmir Limaj, to consultations. He confirmed that he filed a request to the Constitutional Court for the interpretation of the Government's status in the situation following his resignation.
In the same time, he said "I've asked President (Hashim Thaci) and political parties to speed up the extraordinary parliamentary elections process".
He reiterated that his Alliance for the Future of Kosovo supports Assembly's dissolution, but that this was not done, as Kosovo Constitution does not specify what happens in case Prime Minister offers resignation.
On the other hand, Veseli perceives Haradinaj's resignation to be "politically calculated move", requesting Assembly's dissolution and determining the date of elections, considering them to be inevitable.
Veseli added that he will initiate urgent Assembly session in accordance with his constitutional duty, and on that meeting, two-thirds majority should reach the decision on its dissolution, RTK2 reports.
According to him, there are two options for scheduling elections - meeting of all political parties with...

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