Vučić: Name of the prime minister designate on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning

"We talked about all the important topics, about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, the election of a representative to the tasks that lie ahead of us all. It seems to me that I learned and heard a lot from the people from the presidency and about the election of the new Prime Minister," said Vui.
"Regarding the election for the prime minister, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, I cannot inform you today. I will inform you within 48 hours, today I know who will be the PM designate, I will announce it as the President of the Republic of Serbia. Either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning you will find out the name of the Prime Minister designate", said Vui.
"I am satisfied with the work of both Milo and Ana. Ana fought, she worked. Milo, too. If Ana stays, you will wonder what Milo lacks for that position, if it's Milo, it will be what Ana did wrong. I said that tonight at the session as well. I think I made a good decision for Serbia", concluded Vui.


Regarding the statements of the American ambassador Christopher Hill, Vui says that the Americans are a great power and that they will not change their policy for the sake of a small Serbia. "I am grateful to the ambassador for noticing a rational and reasonable approach, and I think everyone in the EU saw it. Another thing is that many people do not like it, because it is their baby that they are making and rocking. You are in an impossible position. I can talk about our mistakes, but we are still fighting in impossible conditions, we are still protecting what is ours. Along with all that, we are also managing to preserve peace. That is why I am anxiously and impatiently waiting for tomorrow's talks," said Vui.
"We need to...

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