The army at the border with the country that said "Russia will attack us"

The Belarusian army has started military exercises right next to the border with Poland, a day after it was reported from Poland that there is a real fear of the country's conflict with Russia.
The military exercise is being held near the border with Poland, in the capital Minsk and in the northeastern region of Vitebsk, and as the Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced this morning, as reported by Reuters, the exercise will last seven days and the soldiers will practice "liberating the territory temporarily occupied by the enemy".
Also, part of the exercises was called "establishing control over the border regions", according to the press release of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense.
Belarus claims that, considering the number of soldiers and equipment involved, they did not have to inform anyone about the exercise, according to OSCE rules, but the official Minsk, on the other hand, invited representatives of the military-diplomatic corps of foreign countries to the exercise as observers.
The exercise, even on the border with Poland, comes at a time when the Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland stated that the country fears an open conflict with Russia, which is why the decision was made to reform the Polish armed forces in order to be as ready as possible for a possible conflict.
So far, Moscow has not commented on the matter, but the holding of military exercises by Belarus, whose president Alexander Lukashenko is an ally of Vladimir Putin and who has repeatedly pointed out that, if necessary, he will join his Russian counterpart in the war in Ukraine, can be interpreted as pure provocation.
As a reminder, Lukashenko long ago allowed Putin to send army to Ukraine from the territory of Belarus.
Also, the army was sent...

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