Edi Rama reacted: "Listen, Pristina..."

"It's not an appeal, but a necessity," Rama wrote on Twitter last night.
He added that he considers the "blind aggressors" directly responsible for the injuries of the KFOR soldiers.
"Unfortunately, this harms Kosovo in the eyes of its irreplaceable allies and friends. The longer this dangerous and unnecessary conflict lasts, the more it harms Kosovo," said Rama.
He pointed out that the conflict that repeats every year, with Serbia "which exposes its troops on the border where its power is equal to zero" and Kosovo which shows unwillingness to finalize dialogue, "can only be resolved through dialogue and powerful allies".

Lndimi i ushtarve t KFOR-it ngarkon me prgjegjsi t drejtprdrejt dhunuesit e tyre t verbr dhe fatkeqsisht lndon Kosovn n syt e aleatve e miqve t saj t pazvendsueshm! Sa m shum zgjatet ky konflikt i rrezikshm dhe i panevojshm, aq m shum lndohet Kosova! pic.twitter.com/hkvzeIS3Ow

— Edi Rama (@ediramaal) May 29, 2023

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