Vučić: "They want us to recognize Kosovo so that Serbs can go to elections in Kosovo"

"We had important meetings. I spoke with Charles Michel and with the presidents of Hungary, Poland, Belarus, as well as with people from the IMF," Vui said, adding that all the conversations were of special importance for Serbia.
"In order to solve all the problems, there must be order in international relations," he added.
"Tonight we have a meeting with Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed, which is important. I also spoke with Lukashenko. I said that when the elections are over, we should find a date for our meetings. We talked about our relations, about the situation in Ukraine. Alexander knows that much better than me," he added.

He added that Georgia Meloni is coming to Belgrade in less than two days.
The COP28 Climate Change Leaders' Summit is taking place in Dubai.

About the elections

"We have to recognize Kosovo, so that the Serbs could go to the elections. Everyone in Europe knows that and it is good that they will react, but we don't have much of that reaction. Kurti does not want to allow the Serbs the right that is natural, and the West will always tell us that they don't have enough opportunities to put pressure on Albin Kurti".
"There is no difference between Obradovi, Aleksi, Jovanovi and it is good that they show it. That presentation on RTS of our candidate for mayor was much more successful. It is important that people see and understand that," he said commenting on the elections.
"I believe in Serbia and its people. They will make the best decision," added Vui.

Vucic previously met with numerous officials Foto: Printskrin/buducnostsrbijeav

The President of Serbia was welcomed by the hosts of this year's Summit, Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab...

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