Media: Serbian security revealed everything; Dangerous ideas, everyone was followed

Just to recall, Lj. G. (61), a reserve officer of the Serbian Army and an employee of the Culture Center in Bosilegrad, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of disclosing confidential information to a foreign country.
As Novosti learns, referring to its sources, Lj.G. has been working intensively for the past few months on collecting data on the activities of the Serbian security services, the army and the police and the situation on the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija.
The Security-Information Agency and the Military-Security Agency also discovered receipts for "rewards" for espionage that Lj. G. received from the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security DANS.
According to reports, he received payments in Bulgarian levs, always in Sofia, and during each transaction, he duly and consciously signed the receipt. Lj. G. allegedly through associates, among whom were local politicians and military personnel, collected information about the number, personnel hierarchy and structure, layout, and armament of the units of the Serbian Army in the south of the country, primarily the Fourth Brigade deployed along the administrative line.
The DANS agent also collected detailed information about members of the Serbian security services from the border zone with Bulgaria. He forwarded their phone numbers, addresses and information about the vehicles they use to DANS.
The structure of that data indicates the intention of monitoring the communications and movements of Serbian security forces but considering that their places of residence were also sought, it is possible that there were more dangerous ideas.
Security experts remind that the Bulgarian agency has been present in the Serbian province since the time of the NATO...

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