In Serbia -26 degrees Celsius PHOTO

This place, of course, also holds the record for the lowest measured temperature in Serbia ever - minus 39.5 degrees Celsius was recorded in 2006.

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According to the forecast of the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute, the morning will be clear and cold with light and moderate frost, and mostly sunny during the day.
The wind is weak and moderate, in the south of the Banat and in the lower Danube occasionally strong, southeast.
Morning temperature from - 11 to - 4, daytime from 2 to 6 degrees Celsius.
In the evening in the north and west, gradual clouds, and during the night mixed precipitation, rain and snow with ice.
In Belgrade, the morning is clear and cold with light and moderate frost.
Mostly sunny during the day. Wind weak and moderate, southeast. Morning temperature from - 8 to - 4, daytime around 6 degrees Celsius.
Gradually cloudy in the evening and during the night.
Moderate to completely cloudy in Serbia on Tuesday, in places with light and short-term mixed precipitation, rain and snow.
On Wednesday, changeable with alternating sunny and cloudy intervals, in the evening in the north, and during the night towards Thursday and Thursday morning in some places and in other areas with rain, on the mountains with snow.
Then changeable cloudy and windy with moderate and strong, in the east and stormy north-west wind, and in the east and southeast with light rain.
On Saturday, cloudy and cold with mixed precipitation, rain and snow.
From Sunday, it will be moderately cloudy and dry with the wind weakening.

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