Vučić after the meeting with Mitsotakis; "A question has arisen..."

Just to reiterate, Vui received Kirjakos Mitsotakis today at the Palace of Serbia.
Vui said that he was happy to have hosted his Greek colleague, because we are talking about two brotherly countries. He reminded that this year marks the 145th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
He pointed out that he had an open, honest and friendly conversation with Prime Minister Mitsotakis on many important issues. I learned a lot from him, said Vui, stating that he heard what Serbia does not hear because it is not a member of the European Union.
"The question arose as to whether Serbia wants to be a part of the EU. I told Mitsotakis unequivocally that Serbia is firmly determined to continue and accelerate its European path, that we are grateful to Greece for that support and that it is not just a formal sentence that politicians utter, but that it is of essential importance for our country," said Vui.
"But I also said that I understand that in Europe they are not always happy with all our moves, but also that in Europe they must understand that we also expect clear signals to support Serbia on its path," Vui emphasized.
President of Serbia pointed out that Greece is one of the most significant and sincere supporters of Serbia on its European path and noted that during the conversation the question arose whether Serbia has any other alternatives, any other paths and whether Serbia wants to be a part of the EU, but also whether Europe wants Serbia to be part of the EU.
Greek Prime Minister said, addressing the media, that every time he stays in Belgrade he feels at home. He thanked for the talks with the President of Serbia, assessing that the cooperation between the two countries is getting...

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