Greek diplomats in London rack up £1.6 mln in unpaid congestion charge fees

Greece's embassy in London has clocked up £1.6 million in unpaid congestion charge fees, new figures have shown.

Statistics published by Transport for London (TfL) revealed that the Greek embassy ranks 24th in the list of embassies owing the most in unpaid charges in the British capital and sixth among the European Union countries.

The US embassy topped the list, with £14.6 million in unpaid charges, followed by the Japanese embassy (£10.1 million) and the high commission of India (£8.6 million).

Among the EU countries, Poland owes £5.2 million, followed by Germany (£4.6 million), France £2.5 million), Spain (£2.1 million) and Romania (£1.8 million).

The Cyprus high commission owes £1.4 million.

Among all 161 embassies listed, the total is £143.5 million.

Under the congestion charge, which was launched in 2003, motorists must pay a £15...

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