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Foreign investors on the Slovenian investment environment

"Slovenia is facing a major shortage of large land suitable for production and logistics projects with an adequate spatial arrangement and utility infrastructure. With the added value of good road connections and the immediate vicinity of the airport, Brnik has it all.

Greek authorities probe New Zealand gunman Tarrant’s 2016 stay in Greece

Greek Police and intelligence services are feverishly investigating a mysterious 2016 stay in Greece of Brenton Tarrant, whose diatribe of over 70 pages explained the motivations of his massacre of at least 50 Muslims in New Zealand and included references to Greek and Turkish history.

Will a sunny forecast attract more foreign investments?

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), humanity has entered a new phase. The 4IR has become the lived reality for millions of people around the world, and is creating new opportunities for businesses, governments and individuals. Where on this map of new opportunities is Slovenia? Virtually every country on the planet is striving to lure foreign investments.

Slovenia's 15th anniversary of NATO membership

Slovenia had been a part of the Non-Aligned movement in the era of former Yugoslavia, but when it became independent the country set out to become a member of all significant global as well as Euro-Atlantic organisations, in particular the EU and NATO.

Domen Prevc flies to victory in Vikersund

What is the fifth World Cup victory in the career of the 19-year-old comes after the youngster already led Slovenia to first place in the team event in Vikersund on Saturday.

The Slovenian sky flying hill at Planica will host the World Cup finals next week.

Slovenia wins team flying event in Vikersund

In what was the tenth team victory overall for Slovenian ski jumpers, the foursome accumulated a total of 1632.9 points, the Germans 1606.3, whole the Austrians earned 1563.8 points.

Slovenia was in the lead after the first round, having earned 789 points, followed by Germany (775.8 points) and Austria (754.8 points).

The Bulgarian Economy Growth Lags Behind most Countries in the Region

Bulgaria remains behind most of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries on GDP growth at the end of last year. Eurostat data show that our country is behind Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia on this indicator and outpaces only the Czech Republic and Croatia in the last quarter of 2018 compared to the same period of the previous one.

JYSK Bulgaria Received the Investor of the Year Award For 2018

JYSK Bulgaria received the Investor of the Year Award 2018. The company invested over 100 million euros in a new distribution center located in Bozhurishte near Sofia. The facility has two fully automated 42.5 meter warehouses and will operate at full capacity by June 2019.

Less than 1/5 of Senior Managers in the EU are Women

Nearly 9.4 million people in the EU are in leadership positions, with 6 million of them being men (64 percent of all managers) and 3.4 million women (36 percent), Eurostat said.

NHL's Penguins sign Slovenian player Drozg

The general manager of the NHL team Jim Rutherford announced yesterday that Drozg's three-year contract would start in the 2019-20 season.

The 19-year-old will thus join Los Angeles Kings captain Anže Kopitar, one of the best players in the NFL, as the second Slovenian in the world's strongest ice hockey league.

JYSK Opens 300 New Jobs and at Least 3 Stores in Bulgaria

Danish furniture chain JYSK achieved 68.6% growth in Bulgaria's turnover for the financial year 2017/2018, reaching sales of BGN 43.3 million, reported moneybg.

Profit before tax for the 12 months to end of September increases by impressive 354% to 1.27 million. Globally, the turnover reached € 3.58 billion and the pre-tax profit was € 474 million.

Bulgaria and Slovenia are the Last in Online Trade in the EU

In 2017, one out of five businesses across the EU sells via computer networks such as the Internet or other forms of electronic data interchange. These e-sales amount to 17% of the total turnover. Within the framework of electronic sales, 7% of the total turnover comes from Internet sales, Eurostat writes.