A girl from Nis wins gold again

Student Andjela Sarkovic first at Olympiad in Turkey A girl from Nis wins gold again

The State should support young people much more in order to motivate them remain in their homeland, Andjela Sarkovic (18) of the City of Nis says.

This student of the special mathematics class of the Svetozar Markovic Grammar School has just brought gold from the Women’s Mathematics Olympiad in Turkey.

Andjela won gold at the same competition in Luxembourg last year as well. Last year the young mathematician also had success in Belarus when she won the second award at a tournament of the cities as well as in 2012 when she, too won the second place in Russia.

Unfortunately she does not see her native City of Nis as promising because ‘too little significance is being paid to education and culture’.


More difficult mathematic problems

Unlike last year, the mathematic problems at the Olympiad in Turkey were more difficult. The competition lasted two days and three problems had to be solved within five hours. Although it was more difficult, I managed to win gold – Andjela says.

- While traveling abroad, I met many young people and noticed that they were somehow different, more relaxed, while we are under burden of numerous requests by the society – Andjela says.

She does not like that her parents have to bear costs of her travels to competitions.

- It would be nice that the country and Nis take care of them. For example Nis and my school borne the costs for the tournaments of the cities, but my going to the Olympiad to Turkey cost my parents 36,000 Dinars...

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