"Neo-fascism dividing Ukrainians and Russians"

(FoNet, file)

"Neo-fascism dividing Ukrainians and Russians"

PODGORICA -- Thousands of people from Montenegro and the region took part in a procession in the town of Nikšić to mark the end of an event dedicated to St. Basil of Ostrog.

The church ceremony was led by Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Orthodox Church Amfilohije, along with Bishop Ambrose of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The procession was attended by RS President Milorad Dodik, the Serbian Government Office for Religions representative Bratislav Petković, as well as diplomatic representatives of Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia in Montenegro.

According to the Podgorica-based media, in his address Metropolitan Amfilohije said that "the spirit of neo-fascism rose from the grave" and that attempts were made to "divide the brothers in Ukraine and Russia with the sown seeds of hatred."

In this context, he referred to statements of Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and compared the situation in Kosovo with the developments in Ukraine.

Amfilohije said that Bildt's statement had to be mentioned "in front of the face of St. Basil (Vasilije) of Ostrog", adding that the Swedish official said that "the biggest mistake of the modern Russian government and Vladimir Putin was the return to Orthodoxy, which is worse than the Islamic terrorism that appears in the east."

"In the name of such ideas people are once again being burned alive, as they were previously by fascism, and by neo-fascism today. In the mirror of this horrible truth is also the statement of Rasmussen, NATO's secretary in Europe, that the bombing of Serbia and Montenegro and the destruction of Kosovo was done by...

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