„One more country withdraws recognition of Kosovo’’

Dai said for RTS that in this moment less than 100 countries acknowledge the independence of so-called Kosovo.

„The President Vui told me not to work on that this week lest we turn out to be stubborn or that we do it because of Quint. We have continuous activity with countries that have recognized Kosovo or don't have clear opinion about it and we have started with a list that consists of 116 countries that recognized Kosovo, which the authorities in Prishtina gave us. We have changed that list and now the number of countries on the list is below 100. There are 14 countries which withdrew the recognition'', said Dai.
Regarding the newest provocations on Kosovo and Metohija, where on the remains of St. Nikola Church in Novo Brdo, on a medieval Serbian fortress, is the flag of Kosovo, Dai said that isn't anything new and that it is about tendency to suppress the presence of Serbian people on Kosovo and Metohija.
„This breaks the concept of those who advocate for an independent Kosovo, because it shows that by ethnic cleansing of Serbs, they have reached majority of the population on Kosovo and that at the time when Serbian monuments were created, and they are a part of Serbian history, that at that time they were minority, even according to the Turkish census from that time'', said Dai.
Regarding that, he also pointed out to Prishtina's effort to join UNESCO, stating that then was a tendency to declare these monuments Albanian.
„You heard what Hoxhaj said the other day, that hose aren't Serbian monuments, but the monuments of Kosovo, you hearrd what they said for Deane, that those are Albanian Orthodox people. We can alarm the internation community, but the problem is that they don't react to those provocations, there is no verdict of...

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