Putin's new warning: the West wants war with us; "Let them try"

"Recently, statements have been heard in the West that Russia should be defeated on the battlefield in Donbas - let them try," declared Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the leadership of the State Duma and leaders of the factions.
"Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. What can I say, let them try. We have already heard many times that the West wants to fight with us until the last Ukrainian," said the Russian leader.
As he assessed, it is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, "but, it seems, everything is going towards that".
"Everyone should know that we have not yet started anything serious. Moreover, we do not refuse peace negotiations either. But those who refuse should know that as time goes on, it will be more difficult for them to negotiate with us," said the Russian leader. He pointed out that the war in Ukraine was started by the collective West, which is to blame for what is happening today.

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