New government members take oath: President Aleksandar Vucic attended the ceremony

As a reminder, the prime minister-designate Ana Brnabi presented an expos in front of MPs and announced the list of candidate ministers, for the members of the parliament to vote on their election.
On Tuesday, Brnabi replied that unlike the previous government, this government is not formed by ambassadors and tycoons, and that it will work only and exclusively in the interest of Serbia. On Tuesday, she presented an expos in which she listed five key topics, namely the new energy policy, education, health, the continuation of digitization and climate change.
As the main goal, Brnabi emphasized maintaining stability and continuing with further growth and development.

Vui: In difficult times, Serbia needs a government that will know how to preserve peace and continue economic progress

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The new Serbian government, lead by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, after being elected in the Serbian Parliament, took an oath before parliament members, which marked the beginning of its mandate.
The text of the oath, which was signed by the Prime Minister and the government members after taking it, reads:
"I pledge to be loyal to the Republic of Serbia and promise with my honor to obey the Constitution and laws, and to carry out the duty of a government member conscientiously, responsibly and diligently, and that I will be committed to preserving Kosovo and Metohija within the Republic of Serbia".
After the oath-taking ceremony, the anthem of Serbia was played and the Guard of the Serbian Army was placed at the entrance to the parliament.
This formal oath-taking ceremony was also attended by Serbian President Aleksandar...

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