Escalation of tensions: There is a growing concern

"Recently, we have witnessed the escalation of tensions between North Macedonia and Bulgaria with regrettable incidents and provocations," he emphasized on the occasion of the meeting in Brussels with Bujar Osmani, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia."
Borrell emphasized that he "condemns the attack in Ohrid, as did the authorities in Skopje" and added that the statements of the Government of North Macedonia assured him "that those responsible will be brought to justice".
Borrell stated that "unacceptable statements of certain nationalist politicians, which incite hatred and imply violence" are being heard and that this "can only further escalate tensions and does not contribute to an atmosphere that enables good neighborly relations".
Borrell believes that "joint work on promoting an atmosphere of dialogue and mutual respect is necessary because this is crucial on the European path" and "the basis on which the European Union is built".
He also said he was "happy" to see that North Macedonia's accession process to the European Union is progressing and "looks forward to continuing to build strong relations with North Macedonia in the coming weeks on its path to membership in the European Union."
The head of EU diplomacy praised North Macedonia for its European approach, especially in the field of foreign and security policy, where, as he said, North Macedonia consistently adheres 100 percent to all relevant positions and decisions of the Union.
On January 19, a fight took place in Ohrid in which Hristijan Pendikov, a citizen of North Macedonia of Bulgarian origin and secretary of the Bulgarian cultural center in Ohrid, was injured.
Pendikov was transferred to Sofia on a Bulgarian government plane for...

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