It is known, the next "Ukraine" is...

A sign of that intention can be seen in the Kremlin's alleged intention to overthrow the current Moldovan government and incite unrest through protests in the country, an U.S. diplomat who recently visited Moldova told "The Daily Beast".
Michael Carpenter, the U.S. permanent representative to the OSCE, said that the Russian information campaign, which relies on social media and Russian government officials as voices to increase tensions in Moldova, is currently "intense".
"The ultimate goal is to undermine the pro-Western government of President Maia Sandu and return the country, which declared independence from the USSR in 1991, back into the Russian arms," said Michael Carpenter.
Moldovan ambassador to the US Viorel Ursu told "Daily Beast" that this campaign is only the latest in a series of efforts by Russia to spread a pro-Russian, anti-Western climate in the post-Soviet states, while continuing the war in Ukraine and trying to appropriate territories with historical ties to the USSR, he pointed out.
The warning of Russian intelligence operations to foment unrest in Moldova came days after Sandu warned that Chisinau had knowledge of a Russian plot to stage a coup in the country.
In mid-February, Sandu spoke about Russia's plans to organize a coup in the country, including opposition protests and the engagement of participants in military training, as well as citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro, to attack government buildings and overthrow the government.
Ursu said the influence operation consists of a network of campaigns - from television to social networks, including Telegram and Facebook.
In recent weeks, Moscow has been working according to its typical agenda - exacerbating internal tensions in...

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