"Putin - Dostoyevsky's hero"

"Putin should be seen as a character from the novels of Dostoyevsky, with all the contradictions and doubts about his own people," said Kissinger in an interview for Economist.
In his opinion, Russia as a whole is "bound to Europe".
"A large part of Europe's rich history is linked to Russia," he said.
At the same time, there was always a sense of danger posed by Europe in Russia. At the same time, the regions have unique cultural relations.
On the one hand, Moscow wants to join European culture, but on the other hand, it sees itself as the third Rome that can determine the fate of Europe.
Kissinger stressed the importance of "returning Russia to Europe". "If Russia is not a major power in Central Asia, it will be open to a civil war of the Syrian type," he said.
At the same time, Kissinger insists on sanctions against Russia because of the conflict in Ukraine.

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