Canada's coach: Referees? I don't care if Serbia complains VIDEO

Canada and Serbia will play on Friday at 10:45 a.m. in the Mundobasket semifinals, and the coach of our opponent at the beginning of the conference talked about guarding Bogdan Bogdanovi.
"Very good shooter, overall basketball player. Can play pick-and-roll, scoring in different ways, very active, it's going to be a tough task, but like I said before - we have guys who can guard him, not one, but more of them. We will play good defense on him as a team, we know that Serbia is a very good team and it will be a great challenge for us," Jordi Fernndez said.
Fernndez spoke about the defense of the Eagles.
"They are one of the best defensive teams, they make the opponent lose a lot of balls, after which they play well in transition. We have to prepare for that, for a physical game," he said. Coach Svetislav Pei said that Canada has adapted to FIBA rules better than the United States.
"It's just an opinion and I really appreciate it. I also think that the USA is a very good team, I'm happy how my players played, realistically, a completely new style of basketball. We're adapting to the rules, the style, the tournament. I'm very happy how the team is growing from game to game," he said.

Slovenia complained about the trial, does it expect the same from Serbia?
"I don't know what (Serbia) is going to do and I don't care. If they complain, let them complain, we have to play our game. We have to stay calm and control everything that comes our way. Against Slovenia, we did a great job defensively as a team, and Dillon (Brooks) put on a defense clinic that should be in the FIBA museum at some point," he said. Finally, do you think that Serbia will be the toughest rival?
"Yes, I expect, since it is the semi-final of the World Cup....

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