Fourth day of truce: Israel receives list of last 11 hostages

Another 17 Israeli hostages and foreign nationals were exchanged for 39 Palestinian prisoners.
Hamas is willing to release more hostages but is demanding the release of more Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.
Benjamin Netanyahu says he is open to extending the ceasefire.
On the other hand, he emphasizes that, after the end of the truce, the ground operation will continue "in full force".

USA: The Senate will soon vote on Biden's request for Ukraine and Israel

In an effort to impose an air of urgency as difficult negotiations over the US budget continue, Senate Majority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer plans to call a vote before Dec. 4 on President Joseph Biden's request to approve multibillion-dollar aid to Ukraine and Israel.
The statement issued by Schumer on Sunday puts pressure on lawmakers to reach an agreement on border security, while simultaneously voting on much-needed aid for Ukraine and Israel, the Politico portal reports. Senate Republicans are seeking to make changes to border security policy a condition of additional appropriations, hoping that such a deal could appease the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, which is reluctant to approve new appropriations.
Schumer said the request to strengthen border security is the "biggest obstacle" to the delivery of new funds to defend Ukraine against Russia and for Israel's war with Hamas.

Israel received a list of the last 11 hostages to be released

On the fourth, last day of the agreed truce, Israel received a list of the last 11 hostages, who should be released today after 52 days in Hamas captivity.
The Palestinian militant organization has pledged to release a total of 50 women and children kidnapped in Gaza in...

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