Vučić in a packed hall in Prokuplje: "I will fight for you as long as I live" VIDEO

The pre-election rally took place in the "Dr Zoran Djindji" sports hall.
President of Serbia thanked the people for their trust.
"Here I expect over 60 percent in every municipality. Thank you, ladies, for your great support. Let's beat them more convincingly than ever in the heroic Toplica. Long live Porkuplje, long live Toplica, long live Serbia"!
"They managed to make a Frenchman out of a Serb - Milo Jovanovi, and we made a Serb out of a Frenchman - Arnaud Guyon".


Vui also referred to the opposition.
"Who are these people? It doesn't occur to me to talk about their parents like they do about mine, or about their children. Let's talk about politics. Have you heard any plan or program from them? They managed to turn a Serb into a Frenchman - Milo Jovanovi, and we from the French Serb - Arnaud Guyon. Both Serbia and France are ashamed of him, and Serbia and France are proud of him."
"They gathered serious people - Jovanovi, Obradovi, G17 Aleksi... They ask the first one about Kosovo and Metohija, and he says: 'We didn't gather for that, but to overthrow Vui'. I guess Aleksandar Vui is another name for Pe, Kosovska Mitrovica... Then they ask Obradovi, a aak resident, who in the old days would like to become a Belgrade citizen, about KiM, and he would like to 'kill Aleksandar Vui.' Then Jeremic... And when they were asked about sanctions against Russia, they 'copy and paste' overthrow Vui".
As he said, citizens will hear many more lies until the end of the campaign.
"They threatened all the people who supported this list. They can't bear for anyone to think differently. And they were never successful in anything. They only saw the faculty on a postcard. But they are here to keep everyone up...

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