Radev: It Is Positive That Trump Is No Slave to Political Prejudices


In an interview for French channel France 24, President-elect Rumen Radev commented on several issues that he deemed important for Bulgaria and the world.

With respect to the election of Donald Trump, Radev pointed out that the positive thing about Trump is that "he is not a slave to political prejudices".

"My hope for his presidency is that it will lead to a re-start of the dialogue with Russia which is important for the peaceful existence of the world and Europe in particular," stated Radev.

Regarding the sanctions against Russia, Radev commented:

"Of course, we want to see the sanctions lifted." He pointed out that in spite of the damages that the sanctions inflict on Russia, European countries also suffer losses.

The decision on sanctions must be unanimous and made in solidarity. Bulgaria will follow European policy but it must also have a voice.

"I believe the sanctions will be lifted in the near future," commented Radev.

With respect to the annexation of the Crimea, he called for "more realism and pragmatism".

"To Europe, the Crimea is Ukrainian; it is on the map of Ukraine. De facto, however, it is Russian; we cannot ignore the reality that there is a Russian flag above the Crimea. The future of the Crimea will be decided by the people. They have to be asked whether they want to return to Ukraine," underlined Radev.

We must not let the economy be subordinate to politics, answered Radev when asked a question how a balance should be found between Russian influence in Bulgaria's economy and energy and its political orientation towards the EU.

"Bulgaria has a very clear orientation towards the EU and the most important investors in our country are European companies," stated Radev.

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