"Confidential report: Albanians testify about organ trade"

The Albanians in question were members of the co-called KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army"), Milovan Drecun, a member of the Serbian National Assembly from the ranks of the ruling SNS, told public broadcaster RTS on Thursday.

"We are in possession of a report marked as confidential, it is not for the public, the information is subject to journalistic discretion. This report is dated October 2003. It's about the content of the visit of the chief of investigations at the Hague Tribunal, Patrick Lopez-Terez, and his meeting with the director of (UN mission in Kosovo) UNMIK's justice department," Drecun said.

He added that the report contains testimonies given by eight Albanians, all ex-KLA, who "know the whole story."

"This introduction is based on interviews with the eight witnesses, all of them Albanians from Kosovo and Montenegro who served in the KLA. Four witnesses directly participated in the transport of at least 90 ethnic Serbs and others to illegal prisons in central and northern Albania. They delivered prisoners to a house-clinic south of Burrel. Two witnesses claim to have participated in the transport of body parts and organs to the Rinas airport near Tirana," Drecun said.

"According to all our knowledge, all transports and 'surgical' procedures were executed with the knowledge and participation of middle and senior-ranking KLA officers, as well as doctors from Kosovo and from abroad. This operation was actively supported by people from the Albanian secret police under control, at the time, of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha," the confidential report that Drecun read states.

Asked if there was a possibility for this report to be considered and for something to happen in the case known as "Yellow House" -...

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