"When they erase border in March, taxes will be revoked"

Vucic made this statement after Ramush Haradinaj said that "the border between Kosovo and Albania" was disappearing.

"It is clear to me that they will build on their plan. When they erase the border at the end of March, they will abolish taxes (on goods from) central Serbia and say they are ready to talk, but from a different position, of unified Kosovo and Albania," Vucic said in a statement to the press.

He explained that the Albanians will continue to work in stages and that this is something Belgrade has warned about in the past.

Vucic pointed out that "now people in the world are beginning to receive information about it - but I don't understand how someone is allowed to do this, because if we did a tenth of it, there would be stormy reactions."

"I see how bothersome a strong Serbia is. When I look at those people in Croatia, it's surreal what they write and talk about, it has nothing to do with reality. But you understand why they do it - because a strong Serbia doesn't suit some of them, they would like to see it weak, like it ha been until recently. There's no point in being angry about it," he explained.

He emphasized that "for us, the most important thing is to guarantee the safety and security of people at Kosovo and Metohija, that they receive wages and live in safety."

Vucic also said that the current situation creates great problems and that it is necessary for the authorities to deal with this and do their job, instead of concerning themselves with "(protest) marches."

Asked whether he had contacted world leaders about the activities of the Albanians, Vucic asked the director of the Kosovo and Metohija Office, Marko Djuric, whether he could "recall how much that had been...

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