"This plan and project is no longer a secret, nor is it a kind of conspiracy"

That is the reason why Prishtina cannot have common foreign policy with Albania, Dacic stressed, commenting on the agreement between Prishtina and Tirana.
"Constant failure with which so called foreign policy of Prishtina is faced, starting with withdrawal of the recognition of Kosovo's independence on the part of 13 states, to denying them membership in Interpol as well as in other relevant international organizations, obviously makes them very nervous", Dacic told Sputnik.
He reiterated that nothing will help Prishtina as their "foreign policy" defeats will continue, until they understand that they have to be ready to make agreement with Belgrade, to the mutual interest of both sides.
Serbian foreign policy chief pointed out that this calls for the reaction of the international community, as this is an obvious attempt to create so called "Greater Albania".
"This plan and project is no longer a secret, nor is it a kind of conspiracy. The attempt of its implementation is underway in front of our eyes", Dacic warned.
He added that Serbia, as sovereign country, will continue to lead an independent foreign policy.
As a reminder, Prishtina and Tirana had signed an agreement on uniting and coordinating their foreign policies, including establishing joint embassies.

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