Bulgaria is the Third Importer of Turkish Tomatoes in the World


The leading importer of tomatoes from Turkey in 2022 was Romania, where production was delivered for the amount of 65,228 million dollars. It is followed by Ukraine - 45,320 million dollars, and Bulgaria - 38,113 million dollars.

The volume of tomato exports from Turkey in 2022 increased by 4% compared to 2021 - to more than 377 million dollars. These data are quoted by the Anatolian Agency with reference to the Association of Southeast Anatolian Exporters.

In 2022, Turkey supplied 526,703 tons of tomatoes to 54 countries, including Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Poland and Malaysia.

Tomato export volume in price terms in 2022 is $377,418,000 compared to $362,993,000 in 2021.

The head of the Association of Investors and Producers of Greenhouse Products, Muslim Yanmaz, told Anadolu Agency that compared to last year, the growth of tomato exports was good, but the exporters did not manage to reach the desired value.

According to him, the decline of the Russian market has prevented the increase in exports.

"Previously, the volume of tomato exports to Russia was about 200 million dollars a year. Unfortunately, last year this figure dropped to 33 million dollars. At the same time, the increase in exports to the Balkan countries actually compensated for the contraction of the market in Russia," says Yanmaz.

According to him, Salkym tomatoes are in high demand on the European market. "The data on the export of tomatoes in 2022 is clearly not what we hoped for. We are gradually losing the Russian market. Agricultural producers from a number of countries, especially Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, have serious ambitions for the...

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