KFOR stated: "The situation is deeply disturbing"; Helicopter raised PHOTO / VIDEO

The KFOR mission in Kosovo called on all parties to refrain from actions that could fuel tensions or cause escalation.
The Mission statement states that KFOR, led by NATO, increased its presence in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo this morning, following the latest developments in that area.

The citizens of Zvean allowed the KFOR vehicle to pull away "The situation is deeply disturbing"

The Ambassador of the United States of America in Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, pointed out after the meeting with the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, that the situation in the north is deeply disturbing and that it is important not to allow the situation to escalate, reports Koha.
Hovenier addressed the media after the meeting with Osmani and said that it is important not to forcefully enter the facilities of the municipalities in the north.

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