Pajtic questioned, refuses to take lie detector test, he wants to take it with Vucic

Pajtic questioned, refuses to take lie detector test, he wants to take it with Vucic

Democratic Party leader Bojan Pajtic was on Monday questioned by the police, and refused to take a lie detector test, according to Tanjug.

It was announced earlier that the police will take his statement as a citizens, on the request of the prosecutor, in order to collect information in pre-trial proceedings.


The deputy higher prosecutor asked Pajtic questions about allegations that EMS (Electrical Grid of Serbia) Director Nikola Petrovic, who was Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic's best man, "asked Lidija Udovicki for two million in order to connect a CWS wind farm to the EMS grid." The president of CWS is Udovicki's husband.


Transcripts of an alleged telephone conversation have recently been made public, where Udovicki complains to Pajtic about this. Pajtic has in the meantime said that "the conversation was authentic."


- I will respond to the summons with great pleasure, considering the fact that I am a victim of wiretapping - Pajtic said ahead of the questioning, and added:


- I will give my statement, along with all the evidence about the racketeering of a foreign company, to the competent authorities, even though I know that this government will not arrest itself for racketeering. But this government will be replaced, too, like any other. Sooner or later they will be held responsible.


EMS Director Nikola Petrovic has already been questioned in this case, denying all the accusations and agreeing to take a polygraph test, which he passed.


The company CWS has denied all the allegations, while Lidija Udovicki was served her summons at a home address in Belgrade where she was not found. Her...

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