Kosovo referendum? "Question itself will be most important"

After President Aleksandar Vucic announced that "people will declare themselves on the future of Kosovo" - the question is what citizens think about it.

Prva TV carried out "a mini referendum" in Belgrade's streets on Sunday, offering three possibilities when it comes to Kosovo: recognition, frozen conflict, and partition.

Here are some of the responses received from citizens:

- "Frozen conflict, no partition, that has always been Serb land."
- "Not independence, it's already frozen. Well, partition, so that what's already ours is made ours."
- "I favor none, well Kosovo is Serbia after all."
- "Partition of Kosovo. I think everything is complicated, therefore, neither a recognition nor a conflict that goes on forever... I think both sides should be able to live and find some solution, because this is obviously not working."

Prva TV's results partially match those received by pollsters, that show that as many as 80 percent of Serbian citizens would not accept Kosovo's independence, but that 33 percent would agree to a partition.

"Citizens expect the elite to guide them through a process that has been very painful for all of us during the past several decades. It seems to me that citizens want the issue of Kosovo to be solved," says Leo Beshiri from the Institute of European Affairs.

As for the way our politicians envisage the Kosovo solution - the referendum question and the way it will be formulated will tell us much about that.

"That's most important, and it's very important how preparations will be done in case it (referendum) happens. We know that experienced politicians don't call referendums with the intention of losing it them," says analyst Nenad Cveticanin.

Serbia has held seven referendums since the 1990s - and as many as four of those, the final being Kostunica's in 2006, concerned Kosovo and Metohija.


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