"Pristina has taken dialogue 50 steps backwards"

This has been assessed by Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

Speaking for Pink TV on Friday in Belgrade, Brnabic pointed out that due to all these decisions of the provisional institutions in Pristina she "does not see any indication of a compromise" - and instead believes that Belgrade and Pristina are increasingly removed from one.

The prime minster described as the greatest threat "the political decision" regarding the erasing of the border between Kosovo and Albania," which, she said, obviously leads to the creation of Greater Albania.

"Regarding that erasing of borders, it seems to me that they will try to get away by mentioning the initiative that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had put on the table, which is to have a customs union, to have a connected Balkans for the sake of economic growth, development, peace, stability, and otherwise prosperity. However, it is ridiculous to make this argument at a time when the provisional institutions in Pristina are introducing taxes on goods from central Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, you cannot say that, on the one hand, you are in favor of not a political, but of economic removal of borders, and on the other hand impose (trade) barriers toward Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina," Brnabic said.

She pointed out that "borders are obviously on the table" - noting that the issue of borders could be on the table ten years ago, now it cannot - yet now we see that for some it can be, but not for the Serb Republic (the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina).

"Let's see what are the principles we can talk about and try to reach a compromise solution. I absolutely want, I hope with all my heart that we will be able to reach some compromise solution and everything that has been...

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