The EP Transport Committee on the Requests of the Bulgarian Hauliers

Bulgaria and five other European countries have reached a partial compromise in the EP Transport Committee on the first Mobility Package related to the conditions of workers. This happened after a spectacular protest at the Luxembourg Square in Brussels and a unified position of the Bulgarian government, president and MPs.

MEPs decided that the truck should not be returned, but only the driver should rest in the country where the company is registered, the BNR said.

There was also a compromise on cabotage transport. After such a course, within 5-6 days, drivers return to the country where the company is registered, where they will stay 60 hours before taking up the new course. At present, it is not clear how the issue of cab drivers' night accommodation and the installation of tachographs has been addressed.

Bulgarian hauliers have protested to the European Parliament in Brussels against texts in the Mobility 1 package. The demonstration, supported enthusiastically by the government and Bulgarian MEPs, took place between 9:00 and 13:00 Bulgarian time at the Luxembourg Square.

360 of the hauliers arrived early in the morning in the Belgian capital with two charter flights from Sofia, BNR reported. More than 100 of their colleagues and associates living in Brussels, 260 Romanian chauliers and representatives of Polish, Hungarian and Lithuanian professional associations are expected to join them. 10 trucks will also be located in the Semantenner Square.

Controversial MEP Angel Djambazki said last week that "exotic events" had been prepared for the protest, but he did not reveal what.

Jordan Arabadjiev of the International Union of Transporters specified to the Bulgarian National Radio that the hauliers  from Romania, Poland,...

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