Vucic: I did not sign anything in Brussels

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday evening he had not signed anything in Brussels because an EU plan implied that Serbia should not oppose the so-called Kosovo's UN membership.

"It does imply that, and that is why I did not sign it," Vucic said in an appearance on an RTS talk show.

"I have already spoken about that (in the parliament)," Vucic said, adding that France, Germany and the US were "advocating an independent Kosovo."

He said the consequences of rejecting the EU plan included a halt of European integration and withdrawal of foreign investments.

"...That also means a halt of further investments, a significant decline of the employment rate and a rise of unemployment," he said.

"Right now, 80,000 of our people work at factories owned by Germany alone, while French, Italian, US, Austrian and many other Western...

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