The European Council Extended the Sanctions Against Russia for Another 6 Months

European leaders agreed to extend economic sanctions against Russia by 6 months. European Council President Donald Tusk revealed that at the summit on Thursday, EU countries have agreed to resume economic sanctions against Russia again, the France press reported.

"The European Union is united to renew the economic sanctions against Russia," says a Polish politician in a post published on Twitter. Bulgaria will not take a final position on the issue of sanctions against Russia, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said in Brussels, quoted by the press service of the government.

"On such important issues, it is good to hear the Council, and some countries are firmly in favor of the sanctions - Hungary, Greece, and there are others like Poland, who are extremely opposed to sanctions, and we, as EU presidents, must try not to take a final position, "Borisov said on the first day of the EU summit in Brussels.

Bulgaria is trying to take a neutral stance on sanctions against Russia because of the Turkey Stream pipeline project, which instead of going through Greece will go through Bulgaria on its way to Europe. "At present gas for Turkey passes through Bulgaria, when Turkish Stream is ready, it will stop, and in order not to leave the pipes empty, we agreed to have our interconnector with Turkey ready on July 1, , said Borisov.

"One of the Turkish Stream pipes goes to Istanbul and the other in Bulgaria, otherwise we stay away from the gas transmission network, and I have also informed colleagues Tusk and Juncker, and in the office of Juncker there is exactly this "Turkish Stream" scheme.

The sanctions imposed on Russia expire in January 2018, but the decision of 14 December is to be extended by another six months. The reason for this is the...

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