Is Serbia preparing counter-resolution for Pristina?

Drecun (SNS), who chairs the National Assembly's Committee on Kosovo and Metohija, told Prva TV on Monday that he would discuss holding a special session dedicated to Albanian crimes in Kosovo with the Assembly's president.

According to him, in case that session can be scheduled, people's deputies will use it to discuss the brutal ethnic cleansing that was and is being carried out by the terrorist KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army").
Condemning that brutal ethnic cleansing and crimes, Drecun believes, would counter Pristina's campaign based on brutal lies.
He recalled that a several days ago a joint session of the Committee on Kosovo and Metohija and the Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs was held, rejecting Pristina's resolution that was said to be false and based on brutal lies, and whose goal is to further incite hatred towards the Serb people.
Drecun said that, on the occasion of Pristina's resolution, he wrote a letter which Assembly's Deputy President Vladimir Marinkovic will hand over to the representatives of the Serbian Caucus in the US Congress in early June.
"We will present our findings," Drecun said, adding that Serbia will also turn to the UN, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, and, to friendly countries.

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