"Tax Administration of so-called Kosovo was not admitted to IOTA"

Minister of Finance in Serbian Government Sinisa Mali informed the public about this.
"This is great news for Serbia and yet another confirmation that we succeeded in this way to prove the illegitimacy of so-called Kosovo institutions. Namely, we have proved that nothing can be done by using force and without striking agreement with official Belgrade", Mali said.
He reminded the public that permanent policy of Serbia is to reach compromising and permanent solution to Kosovo issue, but that it is necessary to respect international rule of law.
"Under the present IOTA Charter, only states recognized by United Nations are entitled to become members of this organization", minister of finance stressed, adding that Serbia will in future make all the necessary efforts to preserve institutional legitimacy of its state bodies.
Serbian Tax Administration Delegation in Brussels was headed by Dragana Markovic, Director of Tax Administration, and its main point of contact for IOTA, Snezana Ilic, who successfully addressed this issue, so Tax Administration of so-called Kosovo was not admitted into membership of this important international organization.
IOTA General Assembly was held from July 1-5, 2019, while secret ballot decided on its new members.
Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia is a member of this organization since 2002, and is actively involved in its work. IOTA offers support and assistance to its member states in improving their tax administrations.

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