Botsan Kharchenko on the Vračar massacre: "Putin immediately asked..."

"I want to express my deepest condolences for the tragedy that befell Serbia during the past week. (President of Russia Vladimir) Putin and (Minister Sergey) Lavrov sympathize, and we wish the people to overcome this grave situation... Russia, as always, is with the Serbian people," said Kharchenko in a guest appearance on TV Prva.
He pointed out that this news attracted the attention of the public in Russia.
Putin immediately asked for details and immediately sent his condolences to President Vui.
Speaking about the case in Vraar and Mladenovac, he stated that there are consequences of major disturbances in the world.
He also welcomed the decision of Serbian President Aleksandar Vui to tighten the measures.
He stated that it is very important to return to the core values.
"There is always a psychopath, but the risk is lower," he explained.

"If there was pressure, Prishtina would have supported CSM long ago"

Speaking about Kosovo and Metohija, Botsan Kharchenko stated that Russia stands by its position, that is, that it supports Resolution 1244 of the United Nations Security Council.
He also criticized the attitude of the official Brussels and stated that there is a lack of pressure from the EU.
"If there was pressure, Pristina would have supported CSM a long time ago. Of course," added the Russian Ambassador.

"It's possible"

Botsan Kharchenko also referred to the celebration of Victory Day in World War II, and, commenting on the recent drone attack in Russia, pointed out that there is a possibility that an attack could occur during this celebration.
"It is possible," he pointed out, but denied that he had any information about it.

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