Vučić for CNN: Serbs have been shot at five times; "People determined to fight" VIDEO

We remind you that on Monday, Serb protests began in three municipalities in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, in which citizens demand that special police units be withdrawn from the north and that citizens who are employed be given access to the facility. Pristina's response was to send special forces, which, with the help of KFOR, caused incidents in which more than 50 Serbs were injured.
Before the beginning of the address of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, CNN editors reminded that Serbia has never recognized the fake state of Kosovo and that there is an agreement between the temporary institutions of Pristina and Serbia that was never implemented.
They reminded that the Serb protest was due to elections in which Serbs did not even vote and in which Albanian mayors were elected in majority Serb municipalities, as well as two conditions set by the Serbs.
President Vui commented on Albin Kurti's statement in which he accused Belgrade and the "fascist militia" of riots.
"That says more about him than about us. Your guest talked about an agreement that was not implemented. The Serbs did, but they did not fulfill the agreement, they had two important things, Kosovo had to form the CSM, they did not do it, they are not doing it and they don't want to do it, and the second issue is the elections," said Vui.
"He calls 97 percent of the people in the north fascists, criminals, extreme nationalists, blackmailed or bribed people. What actually happened? Serbs are looking for safety and security for their families and themselves. And since Kurti came to power, we have recorded 353 ethnic attacks on Serbs, and that is the highest number of attacks on Serbs since 2008, when they illegally declared independence," said Vui and added: ...

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