West Violates the Rules It Forced on Balkans

BELGRADE - The inviolabile Balkan borders the West forced on the former Yugoslav republics during the 1990s is now being called into question by none other than the West itself.

In the past few weeks, three separate ideas have been put forth on shifting boundaries in the Balkans: Kosovo should be dissolved and "carved up," Serbia and Kosovo should swap territory, and a new Croatian entity should be established in Bosnia.

While many of these "should's" could rebalance territorial power in the area, it could lead to greater consequences.

A few days ago the long-standing US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher called Macedonia a "failed state" and proposed dividing it between Kosovo and Bulgaria.

Even though the US State Department later said that it respected the territorial integrity of Macedonia, Rohrabacher's proposal created an angry buzz in Skopje.

In an...

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