Serbia in 58th place in Global Firepower rankings

BELGRADE - In the latest rankings published by the US-based Global Firepower website, Serbia is placed 58th out of 145 countries, ranking higher than any other country in the region in terms of military strength.

Compared to the previous rankings, Serbia has moved up from the 61st position.

The rankings take into account over 60 individual factors including the number of military units, finances, logistical capabilities and geography.

By comparison, Croatia is in the 69th place, while Slovenia ranks 86th, North Macedonia 108th, Montenegro 128th and Bosnia and Herzegovina 133rd, while the so-called Kosovo* is in the 134th position.

Romania is in the 47th place, while Hungary ranks 54th, Bulgaria 59th and Albania 91st.

The top ten-ranked countries are the US, Russia, China, India, the UK, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France and Italy.

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